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Performance standards of security staff

Do not arrive late

or leave early time.

Do not be


Do not fall

asleep at work.

Keep work until

a new staff turns.

Sent recorded incident

report to the operating units.


to superiors.

Keep the work area

always clean.

Facilitate service to

entrepreneurs and contacts.

Control measures

Guiding work and monitoring work area for notify problem correctly.

Check the staff did not sleep and abandon the work to prevent crime.

Police patrols or high ranking officials will be in charge of solving problems in the workplace as well as providing safety to staff.

Check all patrol performance including coordinated with entrepreneurs for information to solve problems caused by defective work of security guard to support entrepreneur’s policies.


All employees who are sent to work must receive all training. Follow these courses
  1. Standard rules and general discipline.
  2. Basic psychology and public relations.
  3. Security Services: Regulations about work, Customer Service, Communication and Writing report.
  4. Safety: Emergency and fire.
  5. Security Functions: Entrance Control, Personnel Detection and Traffic management
  6. Legislation: Relevant Law
  7. Military discipline: Respect, Honoring high ranking officials

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