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Security Guard PSC Interguard co.,ltd

The company was established on February 2, 2000. Provides security services to business owners such as industry, hotel, residence, condominiums and much more.

With over 25 years of experience in providing security services. We have continually developed standards and modern communications system with dedicated staff to ensure maximum security.

Concise History

SECURITY GUARD PSC INTERGUARD Co., Ltd. was established on February 2, 2000 with a registered capital of Baht 2,000,000 to provide security services to business owners anywhere in the country.

The company has a modern communication system and tools. All staff work in a systematic way. Our office locations are convenient to use as a place to coordinate and conduct business.

Managed by an experienced and expertise team including the trusted advisor to the planning system. ISO and 5S quality control practices make the guidelines clear and perfect. “To become a professional.”


Location: 1/32 Moo 6, Bangpoon, Muang Samutprakarn Samutprakarn 10280

Phone: +66 2-709-5542-3

Fax: +66 2-709-5586

Mobile: +66 89-929-5059

Sub Branch

Location: 19/111 Moo 4, Khan Ham, Uthai, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13210

Phone: +66 35-226-346

Fax: +66 35-226-347

Mobile: +66 89-042-4298

Email: psc-interguard@hotmail.com

Line official: @pscinterguard

Principle of Management


SECURITY GUARD PSC INTERGUARD Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of security services according to international standards and the Security Business Act.

PSC provides full security services for life and property.

PSC is focused on providing quality service to our customers with the intention of “Good quality service”.

PSC recognizes responsibility for service and make the security professional standards by selecting qualified personnel to join the organization.


1. Provide full security services for the life and property.

2.Work strictly and understand the service standard.

3.Promote employment under the Security Business Act.

4.Follow the Business Security Act.

``Personnel are the heart of the organization``

For security business, the key to professional retention is getting qualified people to join the organization.

With this reason, the human resources is the most important to provide services under the “good quality service”

Personnel is “The heart”

Customers are “The blood”

Management can’t survive “Without blood and heart”

“Personnel” … Motivation and job satisfaction are important key in establishing service standards and more acceptable.

“Customers” need reliable collateral and confidence of quality service. Our staff is acceptable and trustworthy. Make peace of mind in life and property, with our “people” and “systems”.

“Executive” who is take care of recruitment, Step-by-step training and qualified person to suit the job.

Interview tape
The implementation of the Act. Security Business SECURITY GUARD PSC INTERGUARD Co., Ltd.
We have done the right thing. To increase our confidence in our service. Following the interview, click link below

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